How to access SQL-Lite databases using ODBC on recent Debian/Ubuntu

Many modern applications are using SQLite databases to store their data. I wanted to access to data of Hamster, a very nice time tracking application for the Gnome desktop, to use that data for further analyses in OpenOffice Calc. My experience from Windows is that ODBC is very easy to access to SQL Server or other databases. Is it possible to work that with Linux? Yes, it is! This article describes how you can use ODBC to access to those databases. Also some issues are discussed. Weiterlesen

Install Tor to Ubuntu Lucid (10.4)

Tor is a network for anonymizing connection data while you use the internet. It became popular because it is used by journalists to protect their privacy in countries with political censorship. Tor can be used for surfing, instant messaging, ssh, E-Mail and other things. Before you use this technique, I recomanded you to inform about the the basic concepts, the pro and cons (Using Tor will definetely slow down the transfer rate of your internet connection). This Wikipedia article is probably a good help.

The article describes how to install Tor for Ubuntu 10.04 using the Ubuntu and Tor Repositories. To get it working the installation of Tor itself is not enough; Tor needs extra settings!